Table Options:

Options shown are not available on all tables. Please refer to the Options referencing your table of interest.

Table with Options



00 Special Table Height

  • Height range is from 26” to 36”.
  • Please specify overall height to surface of upholstered top.
  • Clearance under stretcher will vary
  • Factory Installed, Not QuickShip

99L Left Hand Table Model

  • Doors and drawers are on patients' left hand side when they lie face up on table. If left hand table is desired, please specify on initial order.
  • Factory Installed, Not QuickShip.


  • Single door or drawer locks are available on special order. 10 Day Quick Ship. Factory Installed.


  • Lock & Bolt for double doors. Factory Installed.
04quick ship

04 Table Safety Strap

  • Strap with VELCRO® brand fastener 2" wide secures patient on table.
  • Factory Installed.
05 quick ship

05 Headrest, Manually Adjustable

  • 20" long. Elevates head section up to 45° in 10 increments. Must be raised beyond 45° to lower.
  • Factory Installed.
06 quick ship

06 Backrest, Manually Adjustable

  • 30" long. Elevates back section up to 60° in 10 increments. Must be raised beyond 60° to lower.
  • Factory Installed.
07 quick ship

07 Nose Cutout

  • 2" wide x 8" long, permits patient to lie face down.
  • Factory Installed.
08 quick ship

08 Drawer

  • 20" wide. The all-laminate drawer rolls effortlessly on nylon rollers with positive stops.
  • Some assembly required.
15 quick ship

15 Safety Rail Hi-Lo, Side Mounted

  • Can be mounted only to side(s) of cabinet-style table. Safety rail raises 10" above top surface. Lowers flush with top. Sturdy black powder coated steel. Specify right or left side. If you desire safety rails on both sides you must order two.
  • Factory Installed.
19 quick ship

19 Slide Shelf, Laminate

  • 8" wide. Accessible from either side of table.
  • Factory Installed.
23 quick ship

23 Paper Dispenser

  • With (2) stainless steel "spring-action" brackets and removable metal rod. Will accommodate paper rolls up to 21" wide.
25 quick ship

25 Paper Cutter

  • Attaches to table at desired location. Securely fastened to top on cabinet style tables. Made of clear plastic with elastic ends, it cuts and then holds paper in place.

27 Paper Dispenser/Cutter Combo

  • Consists of 23 and 25 sold as a combination.
Pillows quick ship

32 Pillow, Full Size

  • 22" x 14" x 3" thick. Urethane foam padding in your choice of 17 standard vinyl upholstery colors.

35 Pillow, Small

  • 12" x 14" x 3" thick. Urethane foam padding in your choice of 17 standard vinyl upholstery colors.

69 Gas Spring Backrest

quick ship
  • 30” long. Elevates and locks backrest to any angulation from
    flat to 75°. Dual release handles on both sides of table. Recommended for high-volume therapy and sports use.
  • Factory Installed.

A947 Wire Pulls

  • 4” Satin fi nish Wire Pull in lieu
    of hooded pulls.